The Food Program by Tracy Anderson

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The Food Program

All too often, poor diet choices undermine our physical progress, which is why we're thrilled to announce our convenient, delivery-based food program, which takes the mystery and stress out of mealtime.

Eating is one of the most emotional things we do. Too often, we’re predisposed to approach food with feelings of fear and dismay—particularly when we’re trying to lose weight. Hunger can make us all feel helpless and out of control. In letting us architect your daily nutritional intake to ensure that it’s balanced and calorically appropriate, we’ll also help you reset eating habits and break any chemical and mental addiction patterns. In short: You will no longer have to spend your days worrying about what you should, and should not, eat. A vegetarian option is also available.

We pair the best ingredients (local and organic, whenever possible), with all that we know about the science of cooking: The preparation of food can play a huge role in insulin resistance, weight gain, and health problems—as we age, there is a systemic increase in inflammatory cytokines that contribute to every degenerative disease, and it is our goal to help you extinguish some of those fires from the inside out. To that end, our meals are prepared and then blast-chilled, to lock in key nutrients.

When you pair our food program (starting at $45.95 per day, plus delivery) with the Tracy Anderson Method, it won’t take long before you will reach your weight loss goals—and the feelings of success will come with feelings of control. You’ll feel equipped to navigate your nutritional destiny, and the next time you want to indulge in a row of Oreos or a basket of fries, you won’t feel unhinged: It will become a treat you can truly enjoy.

The Food Program by Tracy Anderson

About Our Food

Taste & Menu

  • While the meals are engineered to encourage weight loss, they are fulfilling, delicious, and loaded with flavor.
  • All meals are made from incredibly fresh and nutritionally clean ingredients.
  • Our chefs employ a wide range of flavors and styles of cuisines, ensuring that your palette will never get bored.


  • We only use premium ingredients and the best all-natural proteins with no added hormones or steroids.
  • We hold ourselves to the highest standards when it comes to ingredient sourcing, preparation, cooking techniques and the general science of diet and food, because our clients deserve the best.


  • Our chefs understand the science of both diet and food: Every meal is carefully conceived for its caloric and nutritional content to ensure that it’s perfectly balanced.
  • Every lunch is vegetarian, while dinners in the non-vegetarian option incorporate fish, beef, chicken, or turkey.
  • The meals are architected for discerning palettes, involving the full range of color, texture and flavor to ensure optimum variety.
  • We use raw components whenever possible, to maximize the nutritional content.
  • We employ both innovative and traditional cooking techniques, including grilling, baking, caramelizing, glazing, marinating and roasting.
The Food Program by Tracy Anderson

The Details

The Menu

  • There is a Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian menu available.
  • We use premium ingredients (organic whenever possible) and all-natural proteins, with no added hormones or steroids.
  • The non-vegetarian proteins revolve around turkey, chicken, beef, and fish—if you opt out of any of these proteins, you will be given the vegetarian option for the days when they are served.
  • The Food Program by Tracy Anderson does not accommodate for any allergies.
  • The desserts are mainly raw, but they are still decadent.

Fedex Delivery

  • You will receive two boxes per week that contain 3-4 days of fresh delicious meals.
  • Your meals will be packaged and sealed in special containers, then placed in a shipping box with insulated material.
  • Meals are shipped via FedEx 1- and 2-Day Ground and Express, depending on where you live.
  • Deliveries SHIP OUT on Mondays and Wednesdays.
  • Depending on your delivery zone you will receive Monday’s ship out on TUESDAY OR WEDNESDAY, and Wednesday’s ship out on THURSDAY OR FRIDAY.

The Delivery Process

We use a process called MAP (Modified Atmospheric Packaging) before we ship meals, which are delivered in two installments per week. During the MAP process, a vacuum pump removes oxygen from the container in order to slow down the oxidation process of the meals, allowing the food to stay fresh longer. We then pack these meals in insulated containers with freezer packs to ensure that they stay cool during shipping. This process is an industry standard that is used by Whole Foods.

The Food Program by Tracy Anderson


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The Food Program by Tracy Anderson

Our Philosophy

Traditionally, people tend to approach diet as a short-term, deprivation-based solution to weight loss. This leads to an unhealthy relationship with food, a confused metabolism, and impermanent results. At The Food Program by Tracy Anderson, we take a long-term, lifestyle-based approach to diet and wellness, where we help you re-engineer the way you think about mealtime. In allowing The Food Program by Tracy Anderson to make the decisions about what —and how much—you should be eating, we’ll help you break bad diet habits and addictions, eliminate food-based stress and confusion, and guide you to a permanent lifestyle change, where you will learn how to eat healthy without feeling deprived. At The Food Program by Tracy Anderson we use only premium ingredients, all-natural proteins, and complex flavor profiles and cooking techniques to ensure that you are both satisfied and delighted.

The Food Program by Tracy Anderson


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The Food Program by Tracy Anderson

Frequently Asked Questions

You may find an answer to many of the most frequently asked questions below. If you still can't find your answer, please don't hesitate to contact us via email with any questions you may have.

01. How does it work?
The Food Program by Tracy Anderson works by combining all of the elements that go into sustaining a healthy weight loss. It can be a big challenge to change the eating habits that have caused your body to become out of balance. We will help you reengineer how you think about mealtime, and you will feel clear, in control, and successful as you reprogram your body on a consistent basis to like the right foods—and feel sustained by the right portion size. As your body recalculates what you need, and you break bad food-based addiction habits, you will feel better than ever. When people diet, they often misattribute hunger pains to the fact that their body is starving. This is false. What is really happening is that their bodies are withdrawing from the unhealthy foods that they’ve become addicted to. The Food Program by Tracy Anderson has taken all of the decision-making out of your hands, which will empower you to have those conversations with yourself during those tough moments when you feel weak in the face of temptation. We will give you a leash on nutrition.
02. How is The Food Program by Tracy Anderson different from other delivery programs?
The Food Program by Tracy Anderson uses only the highest quality ingredients available—locally-grown and organic whenever possible. In addition, we use all-natural proteins that have no added hormones or steroids. We’ve spent a decade studying the effects of diet on health and weight, and have crafted our program with a love of food and a deep understanding of nutrition in mind. While portion control can initially be challenging, you will quickly adjust as your body begins to transform. And this isn’t traditional “diet” food: As you stop counting calories you will start to feel truly alive. Your brain will become more alert and focused, and your skin will begin to glow. Our food is prepared in a very cold-temperature controlled room and then blast-chilled to lock in nutrients
03. Are the containers environmentally friendly?
We are committed to taking care of the environment, and reducing waste whenever possible: Our containers are made from 100 percent recycled materials.
04. Are the containers microwave safe?
Unless otherwise noted, the plastic containers are microwavable.
05. Do you offer a vegetarian option?
Yes, we offer a fully vegetarian option.
06. How do you ensure that the food is fresh and rich in nutrients?
We use high-heat, low-fat cooking techniques to lock in nutrition: Everything is grilled, steamed, seared, baked, or poached—never fried. In addition, all meals are blast-chilled before delivery, which locks in key nutrients.
07. What do the desserts consist of?
The desserts are mostly raw, but still decadent.
08. What kind of quality of food will I be receiving when I order The Food Program by Tracy Anderson?
We use the best available ingredients: All-natural hormone and antibiotic-free proteins, responsibly and sustainably caught seafood, top-quality produce that is local, seasonal, and organic whenever possible, and whole grains. In addition, we involve a wide range of herbs to ensure that every meal is interesting and delicious.
09. How is each meal prepared?
Each meal is plated by hand, ensuring the highest quality control.
10. How was the menu designed?  Will it work for me?
Based on 15 years of research and testing by Tracy Anderson, the menu revolves around ideal food pairings and the right combinations of meals to ensure good health, proper nutrition, and most importantly, results.
11. Is the food program for men?  Is the caloric intake high enough for men?
The food program's caloric intake is designed for both men and women who want to lose weight.  If you feel you need extra calories, we can provide suggestions on ideal additions that will still enable continued weight loss.
12. Can I order the program for only weekdays?
Our shortest program length is 7 days.  We do not accommodate changes in the length of the program.
13. What can I do to get the most effective results on The Food Program by Tracy Anderson?
For the best results you should weigh yourself on the same digital scale daily, naked.  Keep a journal so that we can best help you. You will be able to enjoy special nights out and special occasions without losing your results. . Diet and exercise go hand-in-hand, and since you also want to age well, pairing The Food Program by Tracy Anderson with the Tracy Anderson Method fitness program will generate the best results. It is important that your transformation involve harmony across all aspects of your life, so that the results are finite and will stand the test of time and hormonal changes. You must tackle your eating habits while you do your cardio and undertake muscular structure work simultaneously. Not only will this help you create balance and amazing results, but as you lose weight, you need to encourage your skin to adhere to healthy, balanced muscles.
14. How long before I see results?
It can take time for your body to see and benefit from the many gifts that come with a healthy dietary change. It is all about consistency, as we are not fans of any yo-yoing on the scale. We hope you think of this as a more prolonged lifestyle change and not a temporary program. We recommend that you commit completely to the program until you attain a significant change and feel ownership of your health. At that point, we recommend that you use The Food Program by Tracy Anderson as support for a few meals during the day, and then take ownership of your dinner, when you’re able to go out and be a bit more creative with the meal pattern. Consistency is the key to sustainable success.
15. Should I speak to my doctor? What if I have diabetes or other health concerns?
The Food Program by Tracy Anderson does not take the place of your relationship with your physician. And our program is not crafted for diabetics: It is intended for those who are in good health but have weight to lose.
16. Should I eat everything on the daily menu even if I’m not hungry?
If you are working out properly each day, then we recommend finishing all the food provided. If you truly aren’t hungry, you don’t need to eat all the items.
17. What should I drink?
Drinking water is an essential part of your health: We recommend keep a pitcher of fresh, fruit- or ginger-infused water in your fridge. It’s easy to peel ginger, mango, sliced lemon, lime, or orange to flavor, however don’t confuse drinking flavored water with eating the fruit. The idea is to encourage an uptick in water intake, not to consume more sugar.
18. Can I drink alcohol?
You can consume alcohol, but should limit it to a glass of wine—no more than two glasses a few times a week is acceptable. If you don’t like wine, you can have straight liquor, without any sugary mixers. Because alcohol is the first thing your body burns when it’s consumed, it postpones the weight loss process. For that reason, drinking isn’t encouraged on this diet.
19. What if I am allergic to or dislike a particular food?
If you have any allergies, you should not sign up for The Food Program by Tracy Anderson. At this point, we are not able to customize meal plans beyond vegetarian and non-vegetarian options.
The Food Program by Tracy Anderson

Ordering Process

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